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Children benefit from extra tuition for a number of reasons.

Some students find certain subjects particularly challenging, so they need extra support to keep up with their peers.  Others have the capability to exceed expectations so need further challenge and direction to help them thrive and do their very best.

If you require tuition for your child in the areas of English, Maths or Science then the expert team at LTEC are here to help.

We have more than a decade of proven experience and the necessary educational skills and knowledge to support your child to achieve his or her full academic potential.

We work with children from primary school age, including preparation for year 6 SATs tests, up to those studying for A Levels (year 13).

The subject areas where we offer tuition reflect the requirements of the Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 curricula but are designed to provide greater depth, breadth and knowledge than is usually achieved at school. This additional support helps children in their daily schoolwork as well as future exam success.


Our tuition covers:

English: Our English tuition programmes are focused on rigorous spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as a wide range of writing techniques (including creative writing). Reading is extremely important so we work with a range of fiction and nonfiction texts which are designed to be challenging but also foster a love of reading.

Maths: Numeracy is vitally important for academic success and a wide range of future careers including engineering and medicine. Our maths tuition experts provide children with the confidence to approach maths problems by building fundamental maths skills and then challenging them to embrace a wide range of maths challenges. Support is focused on each child’s specific needs – from basic skills to advanced maths mastery.

Science: Our superior science programmes are geared towards success at school as well as GCSEs, A levels and beyond. We have expertise in all areas of the science curriculum including physics, biology and chemistry. Your child may benefit from tuition in all areas or a particular area of focus.


There are many great reasons to choose LTEC for your child’s enhanced educational requirements:

  • 16 years+ experience of providing quality tuition
  • A clear strategy focused on encouraging children to develop academic discipline and reach their full potential
  • Bespoke learning in small classes with regular structured feedback
  • Age appropriate learning from year 6 to year 18
  • Children who have worked with us consistently go on to  achieve higher grades even after tuition is complete.


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Our tutorial college is located at 386 Rayners Lane Pinner HA5 5DY near to Rayners Lane Underground Station and bus routes H9/H10/H12/398.

Successful children at LTEC with their medals